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Hunting Film Tour in Lacey, WA - June 26th!


Don't miss the HUNTING EVENT of the year!

The Hunting Film Tour presented by Backcountry Hunters and Anglers is coming to Lacey, WA on June 26th!

This event showcases incredible archery and gun hunts from all over the U.S. for a wide variety of species including elk, deer, turkey, ducks, mountain goat and aoudad.

Cold beer will be served and AMAZING Raffle/Auction items will be available, including: 

Below is all the info you need for this year's spectacle. Get your tickets today and we'll see you there!

WHEN: June 26th, 2014 - Reception at 6:00PM & Showtime 7:00PM

WHERE: Lacey, WA - Lacey Community Center - 6729 Pacific Ave. SE

WHAT: Incredible films, great friends, amazing prizes, cold beer and a chance to support the conservation efforts of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers.

Advance Tickets ($10) are available HERE. Tickets ($12) will also be available at the door the night of the event. 

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SUCCESS: Washington BHA Helps Pass ATV Identification & Enforcement Legislation

four-wheeler-mudAs you know, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers continues to lead the call for better safeguards against illegal motorized habitat abuse. Whether members are helping to educate motorized users, advocating for visible identification or promoting self-policing programs, our common-sense approach to responsible motorized use is gaining attention, and results.

In Washington State, BHA members, in partnership with Trout Unlimited, recently made huge headway on this front as they helped pass legislation (HB 1632) which – in exchange for providing opportunities for improved access on some county roads – did the following:

  1. Requires all ATV’s (All-Terrain Vehicle) in Washington to obtain a highly visible license plate
  2. Eliminates the requirement for a police officer to witness illegal use, thereby allowing individuals to report irresponsible use to law enforcement and a citation to be issued based on these reports.
  3. Promotes self-policing within the motorized community
  4. Generates funds for education, safety, enforcement and maintenance

WA BHA Supports HB 1632: OHV Identification, Enforcement & Road Access

Washington Backcountry Hunters & Anglers is working hard in support of HB 1632, a bill which would require all all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s) and utility terrain vehicles (UTV’s) to display a visible identification in exchange for limited legal road access. A portion of the revenue generated through the sale of license plates would be dedicated to a safety training program for OHV use. While the scope of road use that would be permitted by this legislation is still up for debate, there is little question that both sportsmen and wildlife stand to benefit a great deal from the visible OHV identification required by this legislation. A visible identification would remove the current anonymity that ATV users experience, while also aiding in enforcement efforts by both officers and fellow public land users.

BHA members Gregg Bafundo and Tisha Kennell are leading the effort to ensure HB 1632 passes alongside our partners at Trout Unlimited. Tisha and Gregg have worked to develop substantial support from the OHV community, which includes the Eastern Washington ATV Association, a Polaris dealership and the Gifford Pinchot OHV Alliance. WA BHA believes the resulting legislation would be a win for sportsmen, wildlife and OHV users alike and we’re doing all that we can to ensure it passes.

Washington Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Spearheads Sportsmen Roundtables

elkIn an effort to identify common priorities among sportsmen, Washington Backcountry Hunters & Anglers is coordinating a series of roundtable meetings with sportsmen throughout the state. Through this process, WA BHA and a variety of sportsmen and conservation interests will work to educate Washington’s Congressional candidates about key issues affecting sportsmen. Some of the groups invited to participate include Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Trout Unlimited. Current Issues identified for discussion include:


  • Funding of the Land & Water Conservation Fund
  • Concerns about loss of access, habitat and public input as a result of the Border Bill (HR 1505)
  • Need for improved access to inaccessible public lands


WA Backcountry Hunters & Anglers and the sportsmen roundtable will ask that each of the candidates publicly take a position on each of these issues. With this information, it is our hope that sportsmen can make well-informed choices for the candidates who best represent their interests.

As an organization of sportsmen dedicated to protecting free access, prime backcountry habitat and the sportsmen voice, BHA will continue to ensure voters know where each candidate stands on these very important issues.

Looking for Volunteers

WA Chapter Looking for Volunteers to Step Up for Trail Clearing Projects in the Salmo Priest Wilderness
The Washington Trails Association (WTA), a hiking and trail advocacy group, has been partnering with equestrian groups and the Forest Service for several years to keep the trails in the northeast corner of the state’s only wilderness area in good shape for hiking, horseback riding, and hunting access. The WA chapter is looking for volunteers to represent BHA and backcountry hunters out on a wilderness trail crew or two this summer.

All projects are in the Salmo Priest Wilderness and are run by WTA. The multi-day trail work parties for the following dates are listed on WTA’s web site (www.wta.org), where you’ll need to pre-register/sign up: July 7-9; July 19-22; August 4-6; August 9-12. Please also contact Joe Mirasole(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to coordinate with other BHA members if you plan to sign up to help work on trails in the Salmo!