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BHA's Wild Game Cook-off

meat poster 2Elk, goose, mule deer, mountain lion and more! 

Join Backcountry Hunters & Anglers for our first wild game cook-off competition, Thursday, June 11th at Willow Farm Park in Longmont from 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM. 

Everyone is invited to come out to sample and vote on your favorite wild game dish.  The person who cooks-up the winning dish will take home a load of prizes. 

Join us for lawn games, guest speakers, beer from Grossen Bart Brewery, raffles, silent auction items and tons of wild meat! 

If you would like to prepare a dish or volunteer to be a part of the event, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Invite your friends here.

We hope that you can join us!

For more information, call Tim at 651-206-4669.

Wildlife Council Report: April 2015

From Colorado BHA Habitat Watchman, Bob Shettle

First, an introduction. I am Bob Shettel, one of BHA’s forest watchmen for White River Nat’l Forest. A year ago, I had the honor of being selected as a member of our group to the Colorado Dept. of Parks and Wildlife’s Advisory Council. We are the group tasked with public education about the benefits of hunting and angling to the state. You may have seen our Hug A Hunter/Hug an Angler ads on television. We are funded by the $0.75 surcharge on hunting and fishing licenses.

The group is a result of legislation passed in the early nineties after the passage of the spring bear hunt/trapping ban initiative. The goal is to have a group in place to weigh-in on future ballot initiatives that could endanger our hunting and fishing privileges. Our mission is to educate the average voter so we can avoid these decisions based on emotion rather than science.

Don’t sell lands to highest bidder

The following letter to the editor was recently published in the Durango Herald here.
The idea of transferring ownership of federal lands to the states has been around since the days of Teddy Roosevelt.
Today, certain radicalized members of Congress, supported by special interest groups, are once again salivating over the prospect of state control. The proponents of the Disposal of Excess Federal Lands Act, along with other similar legislative proposals, now have a majority in the Senate and are trying to sell their poisonous agenda.
The problem with giving states control over vast expanses of public land is that the states could never afford to maintain them and would be forced to sell them off. In 2012 alone, the cost to fight fires in Colorado was $92 million. Unlike Europe and much of the world, America is blessed with millions of acres of public land that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of income or social stature. More than 70 percent of hunters and anglers rely on access to public lands as does our $640 billion outdoor recreation economy.
Perhaps those dopey ideologues, who favor selling our outdoor heritage to a privileged few, should sail back to England, fall to their knees and pledge allegiance to the king. Those of us who value freedom will continue to fight the treasonous notion of selling our American birthright to the highest bidder!
Tom Sykes

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