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Nevada BHA Rails Against Land Transfer Bill

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To: Nevada State Senators


The Nevada Chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers urges you not to pass SJR 1 out of the

Senate. This ill-conceived resolution must go no further. It both unconstitutional and

undemocratic. Unconstitutional because public lands belong to all U.S. citizens, thus disposition of

them must be by Congressional action. Undemocratic because our state lands system does not have

laws in place guaranteeing public participation and considerations.

Nevada BHA Defends OHV Registration Program

Dear Chairman Wheeler and members of the Committee:

The Nevada Chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers is opposed to AB 217 as currently written.

We urge you to give the OHV program 2 more years to prove that it can at last function as the legislation intended. At that time, the legislature can evaluate progress and determine if the program warrants continuation.

The OHV Commission, within the last few months, has revised a trouble plagued grant application process and within the next few months grant monies should be on their way to education, enforcement and on the ground projects. This process and these monies should be allowed to fulfill the long hoped for objectives of all stakeholders.

If amendments to be bill are to be entertained, we urge you to:

Letter: OHV Commission Ethics Issues

February 15, 2014

Dear Governor Sandoval,

I am writing on behalf of the Nevada Chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers (BHA) concerning a current ethics issue related to the OHV Commission grant process.

BHA was a participant of the many long years in the struggle to pass an OHV registration bill. Finally, when we came together as a disparate group of "stakeholders" to craft a bill we could all live with and accomplish goals we had in common, we were able to get a bill passed.

Our BHA organization has many members who own and use OHVs to get to their hunt/fish areas and then proceed afoot, as is our tradition.

NV BHA's Comments to OHV Commission


Dear Commissioners,

Please accept for your consideration the following comments on 4 agenda items for your meeting tomorrow:

Agenda item 10 a: draft grant application

The draft application appears to comply with the very detailed directions spelled out in the law, especially with the inclusion of the form for the land managers clearance of the project (where/when applicable). We will be interested to learn the conclusion of the LCB re compliance with the law.

Agenda item 11: alternative grant application

It is difficult to comment on an alternative application given there is no draft as yet available to the public. That said, we will be interested to learn if a grant can be expedited while still containing all the legal direction spelled out in the law.

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