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Challenge By Choice: BWCAW Buck Hunt

(Whitetales magazine, Winter 2010)1

By David A. Lien2

While experiencing wilderness in places like northern Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW), we leave the heavy strains and structure of civilization behind, the frantic complications of city life, and go beyond the reach of the cell phone’s ring and the highway’s whine, get out where the FedEx and UPS men won’t deliver.

Life is simpler and goals are pure out there. Get through the day, eat, stay warm and dry, sleep soundly. Luxury takes on new meaning: a hot cup of tea, a moments rest in the sun, a good book, a gentle breeze. Hiking, climbing, hunting, backpacking, canoeing and all the other muscle-powered, quiet-use outdoor pursuits allow us to escape cities and civilization and experience the real, wild and natural, world.

First Elk Hunting Adventure in the Zirkel Wilderness

by Eric Jensen

Recently, I returned from my first elk hunt, which was in Colorado's Mount Zirkel Wilderness area. Due to last minute changes, my normal hunting partner, Rita, was unable to go. However, she recruited her fellow Minneapolis firefighter, Ben Pena, to join me. It worked out well since Ben's an experienced hunter and many grades above yours truly in regards to navigation in the Rockies.

Ben has spent lots of time in Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains hunting mule deer and scouting elk, but this was his first elk hunt. His skills using USGS maps, a GPS and a compass were a huge help. He also understood that different slope directions effect weather, sunlight, vegetation and the direction of storms and wind. As a Midwestern hunter accustomed to flat terrain with dense woods and open fields, adjusting to the new terrain was a huge challenge.

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