BHA Work Featured in Field and Stream Blog!

Idaho BHA has been engaged in the Clearwater Basin Collaborative for the past 3 ½ years working on economic diversity within the Basin, increased recreational opportunities, landscape health and sustainable forestry practices and with the important goal for our members of gaining permanent legislative protection for hundreds of thousands of acres of USFS land and Wild and Scenic River protection for a number of pristine streams in the area as well.

Kelly Creek is recognized as a blue ribbon wild cutthroat trout fishery and is consistently listed as one of the top 100 waters in the US to fish. At this time it does not have Wild and Scenic River designation nor is it in federally designated wilderness. My husband, Scott Stouder who works for Trout Unlimited and I took outdoor writer Hal Herring into upper Kelly Creek this past August where we had the privilege of casting flies in phenomenal water. Add to that the bear, moose and elk sightings and it was a great backcountry experience. Hal is posting three blogs on the trip and we hope you will read and comment on them.

Holly Endersby, Conservation Director

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